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The Republican Argument Against PACs

Obama is on record against PACs and SuperPACs, which can funnel unlimited amounts of money into protected political speech. So of course, when he accepts money from them, he is attacked for being hypocritical. And yet, it seems that the only way this country will get any restrictions against PACs and SuperPACs, is by them […]


Republican Grassroots?

This is how it works. SuperPACs are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns and other political activities, but they are required to disclose their donors. To avoid this, you just set up a non-profit organization, which is not required to disclose donors, to “launder” the money so you can’t tell where […]


Supreme Court may reconsider Citizens United decision

The Supreme Court may have a chance to reconsider their decision in Citizens United. The state of Montana claims that they have the right to limit corporate spending in state elections. It will be interesting to see if the court has the guts to reverse their boneheaded Citizens United decision. Or as two of the […]


Start Your Own Super PAC!

Reliable sources say a Super-PAC craze is sweeping the nation. Don’t get left out. Stephen Colbert will help you start your own Super PAC, for just $99. According to the Federal Election Commission, “more Texans have donated to Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow [Colbert’s Super PAC] than to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future.”


The Root of All Evil?

Many progressives assume that removing money (such as campaign donations from corporations) from politics will clean things up, but that is not necessarily so. Consider India, where in 1967 prime minister Indira Gandhi outlawed corporate contributions to political campaigns. Unfortunately, this removed one of the few legal (and transparent) methods of financing political races. Instead, […]


You Don’t Need to Know

© Ed Stein Back in the last mid-term election, in 2006, outside interest groups spent $16 million on campaign ads for political candidates. Not chump change, but it is nothing compared to the $80 million already spent by outside groups in this election, and we still have almost a month to go. Yes, the Supreme […]