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Helen Philpot is back!

I admit it, I love Margaret and Helen. But I was getting worried as there had been no posts since March. Finally, last week we got a wonderful new post from Helen. You should go read it. I’m not going to post the whole thing, because they should get lots of money from the ads on their site to encourage them to post more. Now more than ever.

If you need convincing, here’s the start of the current post:

Margaret, nobody is perfect. Lord knows I’ve been known to have a mental lapse every now and then. Like when I thought Tulsi Gabbard might have some good ideas to add to the debates. She didn’t and that’s ok. I’m a big enough person to admit when I’m wrong. Having that capacity – that strength – to admit your mistakes, learn from them, grow from them, and then move on – well that’s actually a sign of good character. Which is exactly the reason why I can say without a doubt that Donald J. Drumpf, the 45th (gulp) President of these United States must have a really, really, really tiny penis.

Now hear me out…

Now go read it. I mean it. Really.


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  1. notycoon22 wrote:

    Talk about laughing and crying at the same time!!

    Friday, November 1, 2019 at 12:10 pm | Permalink