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Kamala Harris at her First Presidential Rally

Less than 18 minutes long! Much more uplifting than any Trump rally, where TFG just complains, attacks people, and then rambles on about sharks, electric boats, shower heads, windmills, “the late great Hannibal Lecter”, or love letters from dictators.


Beshear Burn!

I love it when a snarky quote manages to burn two people at once, and with a pun!

“J.D. Vance is a phony, he’s fake. I mean, he first says that Donald Trump is like Hitler, and now he’s acting like he’s Lincoln. The problem with J.D. Vance is he has no conviction, but I guess his running mate has 34.”

— Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D), on CNN.

© Jeff Danzinger

UPDATE: Beshear was just added to the list of people being vetted to potentially be the VP for Kamala Harris.


Can the US elect a woman president?

I still think Joe Biden could have won the election. However, that Amtrak train has passed, and I’m pleased at how quickly the Democrats have found their previously missing unity and coalesced around Kamala Harris.

So right now, pretty much the biggest worry about Harris is whether US voters are willing to elect a woman president. But a female friend of mine (born in Mexico, but now a US citizen) pointed out that if even Mexico (land of male machismo) could elect a female president, then it is about damn time that the US could do the same.

If anything, the current debate around abortion means that Harris should be able to get even red-state women to vote for her as a presidential candidate. Plus she would be running against two sleazy men. It also helps that (as many point out) it would be the Attorney General versus the Convicted Felon.

Make it so!

© Clay Bennett


This comic sums up why I’m feeling like the USA is losing its way. And I’ll leave it at that.

© Tom Tomorrow


Another killer video from the Lincoln Project.

Pretty much everything they warn about are things that Trump has said, multiple times.


Don’t Panic!

I am getting tired of Democrats panicking. Of course the media is going to keep talking about Biden’s bad debate, after all, it is clickbait for them. Of course Republicans are going to keep talking about it, they want to win power even if it destroys our country.

History is littered with bad presidential debate performances: Ronald Reagan’s first debate in 1980 against Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton in 1992 against George Bush and Ross Perot, Barack Obama against John McCain. All of them had terrible, awful, “career ending” debates. Except it didn’t end their careers, and they went on to win. Heck, people were writing off Biden during the 2020 primaries, until he started winning.

We’ve also had presidents whose cheese slipped off their cracker. Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s disease, but he stayed to the end of his term (and others took over for him). Woodrow Wilson had a stroke that left him paralyzed, and his wife (the first lady) took over for him. We’ve also had presidents who died in office. We’ve dealt with it. Biden has surrounded himself with good people who do most of the work of the administration. What we have NOT had is a president who wants to destroy the Constitution and throw his opponents in jail. Or who has had more convicted criminals in his administration. Until now.

Are we democrats total wimps??? For heaven’s sake, Donald Trump lied his way through the debate, is a convicted felon, a sex offender, a traitor who admires our enemies, and an idiot, but his base continues to think he is the second coming of Jesus, and Republican politicians kiss his ass daily.

And you want to dump Biden because of one bad debate?

Besides, saying “Biden must go” doesn’t make sense. Who is going to take his place? You can’t win an election with nobody. Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters? Otherwise, saying “Biden must go” is a vote for Trump, and likely the end of our democracy.

If we are going to save America, we have to fight. If you think Biden has lost the election because of one bad debate, then you need to wake up. Here are two things for you to hear: first is the podcast by Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project, published the day after the debate.

And second is this powerful posting on, which also includes the fiery speech given by Biden in North Carolina the day after the bad debate. He had a bad day, but it didn’t last.

My response to the debate was to send money to Joe Biden’s campaign. And – of course – I write these posts. You shouldn’t panic, you should fight like your country depends on it.

© Lalo Alcaraz

I’d rather have a president that sometimes has a slow day, rather than someone who lies so much his pants are on fire.



WARNING!!! If you laugh at this meme you will be in violation of section 14.1.2 of The Dear Leader Is Divine King Act of 2025 and thus subject to detention and hard labor in a Re-education Camp.


The Debate

How many of you will be watching the presidential debate on Thursday? I will be, but we’ll see how long I last. Meanwhile, here are two good comics by Clay Bennett.

© Clay Bennett

Donald Trump has ordered his minions to never call what he is doing “debate prep”, because he (stupidly) believes that he is always ready for any debate. I’m thinking that all he is ready to do is lie and call people names. We’ll see.

The only thing for sure is, regardless of which one of them wins the election, they will be the oldest president ever elected. Well, at least in years.

© Clay Bennett

Update: I only lasted through 2 questions, and then I had to turn it off. Trump did his thing where he didn’t actually answer the questions, but spouted out multiple lies one after another, which were impossible to defend against. It was just big lies, but I’m afraid that too many Americans will be hoodwinked. I feel sorry for our country if we end up with Trump winning the election.


The Stupid Party

Another great ad from The Lincoln Project:

And here’s one from two months ago that is named “The Stupid Party”. Even Fox “News” thinks the Republican Party is full of idiots.


Republicans try to cancel Dolly Parton

It was started by an article published by a conservative author, titled “There’s Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton’s False Gospel”. It starts with an executive summary, “Dolly’s right that all should be treated with love and kindness, but when we refuse to label sin a sin, we’re doing more harm than good.”

The article attacks Parton for condoning immoral sexual behavior, like refusing to judge LGBTQ+ people, saying “calling out sin by name isn’t judgement. It’s adhering to Scripture.” How hypocritical! Is it treating someone with love and kindness when one is condemning them for being gay?

Ironically, the conservative author mentioned above apologized for the article, saying “As I wrote in the piece, I love her and think she does some incredible things for the world. We all make poor choices in how to frame things sometimes. This was one of those moments for me! Dolly is one of the few people who is beloved by all and who loves all. The world is lucky to have her.”

However, and to nobody’s surprise, that didn’t stop Republicans from continuing to attack Parton. After all, for Republicans to win, they have to demonize and cancel everyone who is not a Trump supporter, including not just gays, but also Democrats in general.

I’m one of the many people who really likes Dolly Parton, her music, and her love and kindness for everyone. And I say this, despite the fact that I’m not usually a country music lover, and I’m definitely liberal in my views. Parton is a breath of fresh air for pretty much everyone, regardless of their political slant or social views. In fact, she might have been one of the last people who unified both sides of our fractured nation. I hope her cancelation isn’t the harbinger of the inevitability of civil war.


It’s a Crime what the Right-Wing says about Crime

The right-wing media (not to mention the GOP) keeps claiming that crime is up in Democratic cities. But they are lying. According to FBI’s crime statistics, crime is dropping dramatically right now.

Not only that, but it is largely Republicans who are making it easy for anyone to get a gun, including criminals. And the conservative Supreme Court just made Bump Stocks, which turn assault weapons into machine guns, legal again.

Jon Stewart Tells it like it really is:


Who Said Opposites Attract?

CNN put together a video showing the reactions of conservatives to Hunter Biden’s three convictions, and how the same conservatives reacted to Donald Trump’s 34 convictions. They couldn’t be more different. Are these people that hypocritical?

And more hypocrisy:

© Clay Bennett


Trump used to come up with campaign slogans, like “Build the Wall”, or “Lock her Up”. But lately he has fallen off. Just in time, Jack Ohman has a cartoon showing an ad agency with far more appropriate slogans given recent events:

© Jack Ohman

Inside Trump’s Brain

I love Calvin and Hobbes, but I have to admit that Calvin reminds me of Donald Trump. After all, Trump constantly makes things up, but can’t stand it when someone points out that they aren’t real.

© Ruben Bolling

Recusal Hypocrisy?

During Donald Trump’s trial, he tried to get Judge Juan Merchan recused not once, but twice. Trump’s argument was based on the fact that Merchan’s adult daughter works for a consulting firm that has Democratic clients. This is especially bizarre because last year (before the trial even started), a judicial ethics commission decided that Merchan’s daughter’s work did not require recusal of the judge.

Now, recall that we have two Supreme Court justices who have refused to recuse themselves from cases related to Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 presidential election. The first one is Clarence Thomas, whose wife Virginia is “a longtime conservative activist and Trump booster“, who actually helped lead the “Stop the Steal” campaign, and even attended the January 6, 2021 rally near the White House (but, like Trump himself, did not march on the Capitol).

The second one is Samuel Alito, whose wife twice flew flags at their home that were commonly used by the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol.

© Clay Jones

UPDATE: According to The Hill, a former law clerk for Samuel Alito has called for him to recuse himself from cases relating to Donald Trump, saying: “Irrespective of why it is there, who put it there — it shouldn’t have been there. The problem is that flag is incendiary, and it cannot do anything other than raise a reasonable inference of bias”.