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Off the Grid

I will be off the grid for a while starting tomorrow (Tuesday). Feel free to post interesting happenings as comments to this post. –Iron Knee

© Clay Bennett

I Know You Are, But What am I?

The Wall Street Journal has an article that doesn’t bode well for our democracy:

Many Republicans refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden’s 2020 victory, saying they have lost faith in the electoral system. They also have doubts that 2024 will deliver a legitimate winner, while Democrats worry that Republicans will contest an outcome that doesn’t go their way.

Close to 70% of Republicans believe that President Biden didn’t legitimately win the election, several polls show, despite multiple federal and state investigations, as well as court decisions, finding no evidence of fraud extensive enough to have changed the result.

I think there are two reasons for this. First is the steady stream of lies coming from right-wing media, including Fox News, not to mention from Republican politicians. As Oliver Darcy on CNN points out:

Talk of imprisoning Democratic politicians — and even their families — in acts of revenge is par for the course. Even floating the outright execution of Biden, as Charlie Kirk recently did, is accepted in the warped world of MAGA Media, where the audience has been programmed through years of conditioning to welcome such vile rhetoric into their homes.

None of this is an exaggeration. It is the reality of what is being broadcast in millions of homes across the country.

But the other reason is even worse. Right-wing MAGA lovers like the idea of having a “strongman” as their president, who incites insurrection, creates fake presidential electors, and disenfranchises voters they don’t like. In order to accept this, they have to believe that the Democrats are even worse, and would do the same things. They believe the election will be stolen, because they themselves would be happy to steal it.

© Clay Jones


Trump Indicted Third Time

As everyone probably already knows, Donald Trump was indicted again by a grand jury, this time regarding the insurrection that happened on January 6, 2021. Jack Smith held a very short press conference (under 3 minutes), where he summarized the four counts against the former president.

He also said that everyone should read the 45-page indictment. So I did, and he was right. It is an impressive document that will go down in history. I’m sure that by tomorrow, every pundit of every political stripe will publish their take on it, but this is one time it is worth seeing the real document. It is easy to read, clear, comprehensive, and convincing. It also includes quite a bit of evidence that even the politicians, members of the Trump administration, and others who strongly supported Trump told him that he was wrong, and yet he continued to lie and subvert the Constitution. He also purposely endangered people’s lives with his lies.

If Trump isn’t convicted and punished, then there is something terribly wrong with this country.

UPDATE: GOP politicians are starting to respond to the new indictment, and one of the popular responses seems to be to change the subject. For example, Speaker Kevin McCarthy accused the DOJ of using this new indictment against the former president to distract from the Republican House probes against Joe Biden and his son Hunter (what they like to call the “Biden Crime Family”). This, despite the fact that yesterday their star witness in their probe didn’t tell them anything illegal or even worth mentioning.

It actually looks like the opposite is true. The Republicans are trying to use their failing probes against Biden to distract from Trump’s actual crimes.


Grift Right?

Grift in politics is nothing new, but in the last few years has blossomed into widespread corruption and lies. The biggest flood came from Donald Trump, who during his tenure in the White House told an estimated 30,573 lies (which comes out to over 20 whoppers a day). Trump turned on a spigot of grift, even overcharging Secret Service agents for hotel stays while they were protecting the first family.

It seems like Trump has normalized these things in the Republican Party. Let’s just pick a few recent examples.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the misdeeds of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who received lavish gifts from billionaire Harlan Crow who Thomas claimed is a “close friend”, except that Crow only became his buddy after Thomas became a Supreme. And the gifts just keep on giving. A new article in the NY Times exposed even more lavish gifts, vacations, parties and more — which were never disclosed. Even worse, another new article in The Guardian has discovered that Thomas accepted money from lawyers who had business before the court. Sheesh!

Another example may not count as grift, but is about money, and is suspiciously close to money laundering and maybe even bribery. The GOP is attempting to limit the number of candidates who can participate in the Republican debates. One of their rules is that candidates must have 40 thousand unique donors, and at least 200 donors in 20 different states or territories. This posed a problem for presidential candidate and North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, who as a billionaire is simply self funding his presidential campaign. In a move that looks a lot like buying an election, anyone who sends him a donation of $1 will receive a $20 gift card. And it worked! Burgum just qualified for the first debate. And he isn’t the only GOP presidential candidate who is trying to buy donations. I guess it helps to be filthy rich to get into this club.

But it isn’t just bigwig politicians who are doing the grift. ProPublica, the same group that broke the news about Judge Thomas, has an article about right-wing websites that scam their readers with phony celebrity stories.

Some of the scams being pulled off by Republican candidates are just stupid. For example, Tim Sheehy is a GOP Senate candidate for Montana. On his website, he touts his support for agriculture in Montana with a photo standing out in a field. There’s just one problem, the photo was taken in Kentucky, nowhere near Montana!

© Tom Tomorrow

In Her Own Words

Joe Biden approves this message from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

First time I’ve ever heard anything from her that makes any sense!

UPDATE: Just to make things clear, MTG is now complaining that the Biden campaign took her words out of context. Well, of course they took her words out of context! Anyone who thinks that MTG has had a change of heart and is now supporting Biden is drinking the Krazy Kool-Aid! (Not that she isn’t famous for changing her heart on a dime, which recently got her booted from the Freedom Caucus!)

The whole point of the ad is that MTG is giving a fairly accurate account of Joe Biden’s accomplishments, investing in public infrastructure and environmental programs, and completing FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society. This includes (in her words) programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, and labor unions. But she thinks what Biden is doing is a bad thing. MTG is railing against education, better medical care, solving urban problems and rural poverty, improving transportation, and (worst of all) Medicare and Medicaid. She also hates labor unions.

In context, what MTG said is that if you elect Republicans, they will work to destroy all of these things. In effect, she is stupidly saying the quiet part out loud.

It is a great ad.


GOP in your Bedroom

Progress Action Fund has a wild ad running in Ohio now.

Some people have noticed a resemblance to an old hilarious skit from Saturday Night Live.


Donald in the John, With Boxes

I have nothing to add to this fantastic song parody. Brilliant!

If that isn’t enough Randy Rainbow for you, check out his recent video where he is running for president!



Yesterday, the ongoing feud between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert spilled out onto the floor of the house. Both are far-right “Freedom Caucus” members. What they are fighting about is hilarious. They are competing with each other about who gets to impeach Joe Biden first.

In the floor scuffle, Greene called Boebert “a little bitch” (according to reps who witnessed it), and Greene later doubled down to media, saying, “I told her exactly what I think about her”.

So not only is the nutso Freedom Caucus causing problems for the House of Representatives, impeaching Joe Biden will likely cause damage to more moderate Republicans (as it did for the GOP impeachment of Bill Clinton), but the Freedom Caucus itself is stupidly fighting amongst themselves. Who elected these idiots and gave them the power to run the government?

The ironic thing about this is that I have to agree with Greene, something I never thought I would do. Of course, if I agree that Boebert is “a little bitch” I would also have to agree that Greene is “a big bitch”. It is only fair.


Bret Baier Skewers Trump a new Asshole

Bret Baier – on Fox News no less – points out that most of the “best people” who Donald Trump claimed he hired, have now come out against him, and he has himself attacked them as bad people. In addition, by the end of his term, eleven of his closest associates (Steve Bannon, Tom Barrack, Elliot Broidy, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, George Nader, Roger Stone, Allen Weisselberg) had been charged with crimes.

Trump totally deflects by claiming that he created a great economy, and that he “defeated ISIS in 4 weeks”. Never mind that Trump is the only recent president who lost jobs (2.9 million of them!) during his administration.

During his presidency, the US trade deficit, which Trump promised to reduce, went up by over 40%. The national debt went from $14.4 trillion to $21.6 trillion, because of Trump’s huge tax cut for the wealthy. Illegal immigration into the US increased. The production of handguns increased by over 12%, and the murder rate went up.

As for his ISIS claim, if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Besides his crazy tax cut for the wealthy (which drove up inflation), Trump’s only other accomplishment was overturning Roe v. Wade by getting 3 hard line conservatives into the Supreme Court, something that the majority of Americans are against.


Looking for Lawyers in All the Wrong Places

To be honest, I’m surprised that any decent lawyers would ever agree to work for Donald Trump. It can’t be worth any amount of money Trump might pay. And that’s assuming that they actually get paid at all. Even so, Trump won’t ever shut up, and will likely ruin any case.

Maybe a fake lawyer is the best Trump can expect. Or a lawyer who is nuts, like Rudy.

© Dave Whamond

Trump is Completely Unfit

I was wondering when someone would do a nice rant about Donald Trump and the indictment. This one is pretty good, and as an added bonus, is fairly short and to the point.


Switching Lawyers in the Middle of an Indictment

This morning, just hours after his indictment, two of Donald Trump’s main defense lawyers in the classified documents case decided to cut bait, announcing that they would no longer be representing TFG. According to Politico, “Though Trump has had shakeups of his legal teams before, the current changes deprive Trump of some of his most seasoned legal hands at the most perilous moment of his legal travails.” Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Trump lost another one of his lawyers working on the same case. You know what they say about rats on a sinking ship.

Trump will now be represented by the attorney who is currently representing Trump in the hush money case related to Stormy Daniels. Trump also claims he is hiring another firm, to be named later. Maybe it will be Four Seasons Law, Landscaping and Lies, headed by Rudy Giuliani?

And it isn’t just lawyers abandoning, as right-wing cartoonist Lisa Benson posted the following cartoon:

© Lisa Benson

On a slightly lighter note, Hillary Clinton is bringing back merchandise from the 2016 presidential election. Trump repeatedly claimed that for mishandling classified information, Clinton should be locked up.

Trump also promised at a campaign rally, “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”

Trump, of course, went on to not only mishandle classified information, but he also lied repeatedly about it. While Clinton turned the information over to the government when it was requested, just like Mike Pence and Joe Biden.

Trump Panic

Donald Trump just can’t help panicking and pissing all over himself, even when he is being asked questions by someone like Sean Hannity, who is totally on his side. No wonder Trump’s lawyers are trying to shut him up, but to no avail. Trump has become what he hates — a LOSER. And all the Republicans throwing their hats into the presidential ring know it.


Crisis Averted

I haven’t posted for a few weeks, but I’ve been closely watching the US inching closer to a disastrous dumb default. Listening to popular news media, you would have been bombarded by continuous bullshit from the “Freedom Caucus” and Donald Trump saying that a default would be a good thing (TM). And complaints that Joe Biden wasn’t doing anything to solve the problem.

And yet, somehow magically, the problem was solved. Done. Biden has signed the bill, a whole two days before the world economy would start crashing on Monday.

Most importantly, the Freedom Caucus showed that it just wants attention, but was a paper tiger, “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The good news? Bipartisan government is back. And Biden knew what he was doing. The far-right Republicans won’t be able to pull this stunt again for at least 2 years.

© Bill Bramhall


A civil court jury, including at least one vocal Trump supporter, unanimously declared Donald Trump liable for both sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll, and defaming her, awarding her $5 million dollars. Trump then stupidly, on national television, defamed her again. He also says he will appeal. Yes please, keep being an unrepentant misogynist bastard and keeping this in the news during your political campaign, that will really help. After all, only half the voters are women.

© Matt Davies
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