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Do Something

So you’re reading this blog, and you want to do something constructive. Here are some suggestions:

Contact your representatives. The government itself has a helpful website that gives contact information for the President, Senators, Congresspersons, State Governors, and State Legislators. It will even help you figure out who they are, just by entering your zip code! Politicians really do pay attention to letters, emails, and phone calls they receive. And here is a page of tips on writing letters to your representatives.

If you agree with a story in this blog, I would appreciate it if you would vote it up on (or submit it to) one of the various social networking sites. There is a handy link at the bottom of each blog post called “Please Share / Save” that will help you submit stories to various sites. Even better, put a link to the article you like (or the entire blog) on your website or blog. Not only does this send people to read the story, it increases the “page rank” of the blog.

Join the community! Post comments on stories. I especially want to hear from people who disagree with me, as I hate preaching to the choir. But I also enjoy it when people let me know that they appreciate something I said — it makes the work I put into this blog worthwhile.

Political Irony also now has a discussion forum. It is a place for friendly and respectful political discussions. Extra points for humor.

If you see any political stories that are humorous, ironic, or hypocritical, please send them to me, even just a link. Some of the best stories I post are sent to me by readers.