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Ending the Birther Controversy

No, I’m not worried about the “controversy” whether Barack Obama was born in the US. That’s an established fact. I’m worried about whether everything that Trump has said about Obama and where he was born was a blatant lie. I’m also worried whether Trump will ever make good on the $5 million he now owes […]


Cruz-ing for a Bruising

Last August, Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz promised to renounce his Canadian citizenship before the end of the year. Well, he lied. He is still a dual citizen of the US and Canada. When asked recently about it, Cruz claimed that his lawyers are still preparing the paperwork. But immigration attorneys say that renouncing Canadian […]


How to Think like a Birther

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada (and is still a Canadian citizen), to an American mother and a Cuban father. So how are birthers who questioned Obama’s eligibility to be president responding to Cruz’s desire to run for the highest office? With an extra dose of irony, of course! The constitution is […]


Fool me once, twice, thrice, …

Some people will believe anything. I love reading PolitiFact, however, usually not for the humor. But there is a new posting that starts out debunking a birther chain email, but quickly turns hilarious. It turns out that the email was originally a satire piece, published by a newspaper in Hawaii. The original article is pretty […]