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The Problem with Socialism

I like Bernie Sanders, and I’m really happy he is running for president. He brings a breath of fresh air to a country where the conversation has sometimes swung way too far to the right. But the debate last night highlighted why I would rather he not win the presidency. He conflates two things that […]


War on Christianity?

How the conservatives are welcoming Pope Francis to America: I don’t think conservatives are the least bit concerned about Christianity. Their religion is money and greed. My favorite line is when they attack the Pope for being “anti trickle-down economics”. O-M-G!


“Occupy Wall Street” can’t be anti-capitalist, because Wall Street isn’t capitalist

Think Progress points out that the mainstream media, including the Washington Post, Fox News, and others, are calling the protestors who are occupying Wall Street “anti-capitalist”. Even some progressives, like Alan Colmes and Gawker are referring to the protests as “anti-capitalist”. But this is clearly wrong. In fact, calling the protests “anti-capitalist” seems like it […]