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The Privatized State of America

© Brian Mcfadden With all the scandals swirling around Donald Trump, did anyone notice that the Senate is again attempting to repeal Obamacare? And speaking of Trump and Republican efforts to erase everything that Obama accomplished, Trump also rolled back Obama’s changes to the relationship between the US and Cuba, making it harder for US […]


Reverse Boat People

The first flotilla of boat people left Florida this week, bound for Cuba. Actually, it was just one boat containing 700 people — the first cruise ship in more than 50 years from the US to visit Cuba. There was one hiccup. Ironically, Carnival Cruise Line was initially prohibited from selling tickets to any Americans […]


The End of Insanity

They say that insanity is when you keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different result. Well, we’ve had an embargo against Cuba for 53 years, hoping that would change Cuba. It hasn’t worked. So I am overjoyed that Obama has decided to change our relationship with Cuba. We are going to open an […]


Is the cold war over yet?

I believe that we should end the embargo against Cuba, not because I like the Castro brothers and their government, but because the embargo is counter-productive. In fact, the US embargo is ironically the main reason Fidel and Raul have been able to remain in power, long past the expiration date of communism in the […]


Straying from the Course

© Matt Wuerker