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SNL on Mueller Report

Live from New York, in real time!


Who Would Do That?

Seth Meyers hits the nail on the head. Not just about Donald Trump’s crazy behavior, but also who would believe anything Trump says? It is so easy to catch him in a lie, even obvious lies. Who cares if Trump made recordings of his conversations with James Comey (which he almost certainly did not)? You […]


Gallows Humor

© Glenn McCoy Even hyper-partisan conservative Republican cartoonists like Glenn McCoy seem to be unhappy with Donald Trump. However, Trump’s support among his base actually went up a little after firing FBI director Comey. Who are these people who ardently support Trump?


Late Night Responses to Comey Firing

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show: Stephen Colbert of the Late Show: Jimmy Kimmel: James Corden of the Late Late Show:



The Atlantic has a short, concise summary of what is going on with the FBI. You should read it. Basically, anti-Clinton insiders at the FBI, with help from the Trump campaign — including Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon — leaked information saying that an investigation into the Clinton Foundation was likely to lead to an […]