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Retired Bipartisanship

Bipartisanship may be dead in Congress, but it might still be clinging on to life among some retired political figures. Remember the video that surfaced from John McCain’s funeral, showing George W Bush passing something to Michelle Obama? It was a sweet video, but it is even better than that. Michelle Obama appeared on the […]


Investigate This!

You really should go read a stunning article in Politico Magazine, which interviewed all living former CIA directors and other intelligence officers to answer the question “Did the Bush administration know that an attack was coming?”. And according to the CIA, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Not only did Dubya and his administration not […]



A few weeks ago, the PBS program “Frontline” broadcast “Secrets, Politics and Turture”, which they describe as “The secret history of the CIA’s controversial ‘enhanced interrogation’ methods”. You can watch this program online, and you really should. Why am I saying this to you? Because there was a small amount of publicity after it was […]


Appropriate Monument

© Nick Anderson If you like the fountain, just wait until you see the John Yoo reflection pool. Jon Stewart is excited about the reemergence of George W. Bush in the news: And since we’ve seen the landscaping, Jon Stewart and Al Madrigal give us an inside tour:


Geneology of Romney Campaign Lies

©Mike Luckovich Mitt Romney’s very first 2012 campaign TV ad is, according to Politifact, a flat out pants-on-fire lie. There is a perverse line of deceit leading from Geoge Bush’s 2000 primary campaign, through McCain’s 2008 primary campaign to Romney’s current primary campaign. McCain’s loss to George Bush in 2000 was largely due to a […]