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Bankers for Bernie

There was an article in Politico last week titled “Bankers for Bernie“, about bankers and financiers who support Bernie Sanders. Frankly, there should be many more of them. After all, if you know anything at all about finance and economics, you should know that they are not a zero-sum game. As they say, a rising […]


The Lighter Side of Unbridled Greed

© Benjamin Schwartz Andy Borowitz also has some satire that is worth reading, about Shkreli’s lawyer raising his rates 5000% after his client was arrested. If you have seen something funny about Shkreli, please post a link to it in the comments.


Karma is a Wonderful Thing

Price of life-saving drug Daraprim before Martin Shkreli’s company bought the rights to it: $18. Price to which he raised it: $750 per pill. Image of Shkreli being led off in handcuffs after being arrested for securities and wire fraud: Priceless.