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Concealed Weapon Fast Lane for Lobbyists

This is one of those stories that is either a great example of American ingenuity, or crazy beyond belief. Oh well, that’s Texas for you. Visitors to the state capitol in Austin, Texas are now required to pass through security, including metal detectors and inspections of purses, briefcases, and other bags. This is sometimes causing […]


How lobbyists are destroying our democracy and what we can do about it

Allison Kilkenny has a satisfying rant about how banning lobbying might just save American democracy. The American people are now competing with a giant cash machine that pumps over a million dollars a day into preventing a public healthcare option from ever becoming a reality. … In the United States, players only get to ante […]


Tiptoe, through the Lobbyists

John McCain claims to be a fighter for ethics reform, but yesterday, Doug Goodyear, the man that John McCain picked to run the Republican National Convention, resigned from that post. Goodyear is CEO of lobbying firm DCI Group that has earned millions lobbying for ExxonMobil, GM, and others. But the reason he resigned is that […]