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Reality Suppression for Drugs

To me, the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath should instantly disqualify him from being our nation’s top law enforcement official. But here’s another reason to get rid of him. Sessions is on record against medical marijuana. At a conference last week, Sessions said: I see a line in The Washington Post […]


Do the Drug Ends Justify the Means?

So far, no. Yesterday, the voters of Ohio rejected a ballot measure that would amend the Ohio constitution to legalize marijuana. What’s ironic about this is that many of the organizations who are working to legalize marijuana urged voters to reject the measure. And (even more ironically) I’m glad the measure failed. Drugs are big […]


Booze vs. Pot

California proposition 19 — to decriminalize and tax marijuana — is being opposed by an organization called “Public Safety First”. But it seems ironic that an organization whose very name implies that they want to promote public safety, has received a rather large donation from the California Beer and Beverage Distributors. Why would the alcohol […]