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Meet Mrs. Fulbright

Some of you may have heard of “Honest” Gil Fulbright, who may be the world’s most honest politician. But the honesty doesn’t stop with him. Here’s an ad with his honest wife. Be sure to watch to the end, where there’s an easter egg.


The American People Have Spoken

© John Jonik This is the first time I’ve seen comics by John Jonik, and this one is so good I started looking around and found his blog. Go give it a look. I’ll try to occasionally post some of them in here in the future. It is amazingly ironic how politicians are able to […]


Inhofe Reality Disconnect

I’ve often thought that our elected representatives are disconnected from reality, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Last October, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) was piloting his Cessna to Cameron County Airport in South Texas, when he decided to land on a closed runway. The closure was reported in NOTAM (Notices to Airmen) but […]


Truth in Politics?

© Zach Weiner I would definitely support a law that requires anyone running for public office to supply sources for “facts” that they sprout.


Corruption 2.0

I don’t know if this is ironic or just novel, but former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is using Twitter to tweet during his federal corruption trial. You too can follow along with governorrod! Too bad the prosecution isn’t also tweeting their case, so we can have a full micro-blogging court of public opinion. His first […]



© Matt Bors