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False Memories of the Bush Administration

A New York Times Book Review of memoirs by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld is notable for it’s imminently quotable subtitle: In retrospect, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney realize they were right about everything. ©David Horsey The books themselves appear to be a waste of wood fiber but the review, Memories of the Bush Administration, […]


Rumsfeld now Secretary of Defensiveness

They never say Colin Powell lied. They don’t say Condi lied. In an article in Time Magazine, Donald Rumsfeld proves that not only is he incompetent and a liar (lots of people have said that Powell and Rice lied), but that he is also a self-pitying coward whose main qualification to be Secretary of Defense […]


Rumsfeld, Master of Irony

While investigating their shocking story about the Pentagon planting military analysts in major news outlets, the NY Times came up with this interesting quote by Don Rumsfeld from December 2006: [Iraqi militias] know the center of gravity of the thing is here in the United States. It isn’t out there. And they’re designing their attacks […]