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No There There?

Maybe I’m missing something. Yes, I know that there is a narrative that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy. There’s even the alt-right version where she is a criminal who should be locked up (for, among other things, assassinating 40 people). To me, it just seems like people are taking any story about her and […]


Your Corporate-Owned Media At Work

This really pissed me off. As Jon Stewart pointed out, the mainstream media isn’t interested in news, they are only interested in sensation and scandal. Want proof? Nancy Pelosi calls a press conference to talk about jobs and the economy, but it coincidentally gets scheduled the day that Anthony Weiner is going to announce his […]


Worse than Weiner

An article in ABC News points out the hypocrisy of how our political system deals with scandals. Representative Anthony Weiner has resigned, but what was strange about this whole episode was that both Democratic and Republican leaders immediately called for Weiner to resign. Nancy Pelosi has never called for a fellow Democrat to resign, until […]


Maher takes Great Glee in Weiner Text

Warning, this video is not safe for work, partly because you’ll laugh out loud — a dramatic reading with Jane Lynch of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting: