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The New GOP Budget Explained

Paul Ryan explains how his new budget will work for America, returning our country to what it was under the founding fathers: “Under this plan, if you lose your job and have your house foreclosed, the government isn’t going to bail you out any more.” Instead, any American who can no longer compete in the […]


Revenge of the Tea Party

© Drew Sheneman After the last disastrous budget fight, you might hope that things would get better. But this time, Paul Ryan’s budget proposal has everyone — left and right — pissed off. The new budget still includes “sweeping cuts to federal health care programs and social programs aimed at the poor” but now the […]


Actual government spending has gone down

A recent PolitiFact article reminded me of an old saying attributed to Mark Twain: “Figures never lie, but liars figure”. The article rates the truthfulness of a statement by Mitt Romney during the Republican presidential debate last week, where he said that under president JFK “government took up” 27% of the economy, while today it […]


More Unnecessary Deficit Spending

A few days ago, I posted a story about the Republicans unanimously voting to give $5 billion a year in subsidies to big oil companies, which even oil company executives said they didn’t need. Well, it happened again. This time, Congress voted to spend $13 billion on not one but two weapon system programs, which […]