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Donald Trump Library

If you haven’t seen this yet, here is a beautiful (and hilarious) mockup of the Donald Trump presidential library.


Moving On

Donald Trump actually said that if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, then he will certainly leave the presidency.

© Keith Knight

For some strange reason, he did it from behind a rather tiny desk. Maybe White House staffers are secretly replacing his desk with a slightly smaller one each day, to nudge him out.


Election Math

Finally, Joe Biden gets to start the transition.

© David Horsey

UPDATE: Joe Biden’s popular vote total is now over 80 million votes. The largest in history.


It’s That Simple

You gotta love the Scottish National Health Service.



Planning on having multiple people over for a traditional, in-person Thanksgiving dinner? If you are dying to do that, this year that might be literally true.

According to one study “About 40% of Americans plan to attend a Thanksgiving gathering with 10 or more people.” Here’s a sobering map from the Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham.

If you have more than ten people, your odds increase.

© Adam Zyglis

No thanks!

I’ll be participating in a Zoomsgiving, where existing households will each have their own Thanksgiving dinners, connected to other households of family and friends over the internet. I’d rather see a few additional turkeys die than any of my loved ones.

© Christopher Weyant

New Alternate Realities



The stooges in the White House have gone absolutely insane. The main stooge isn’t Donald Trump anymore, it is Rudy Giuliani, who seems to have gone totally insane. As for the third stooge, I vote for Lindsey Graham, who appears to have committed felony election fraud in his effort to install Trump as dictator for life.

Besides appearing to melt down (literally!) today, Giuliani also seems to have lost his memory when he dropped their Michigan ballot lawsuit, claiming that they had achieved their goal of getting the state to decline to certify the election results, when in fact the state had certified the results. Is he that out of touch?

Is this some kind of alternate reality?

© Tom Tomorrow


Randy Rainbow Reviews

Great version of Kayleigh McEnany.


The Power of Propaganda

Jodi Doering is an emergency room Registered Nurse, working in South Dakota.

That’s right, she is seeing patients who are dying of Covid-19, but they believe the propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies spewed by Donald Trump and the right-wing media, that their last words before they die are that the pandemic is a hoax and that they will be fine. Their last breaths are not used to talk to their loved ones, or to get their affairs in order. Instead, they are angry and in denial about being told they have contracted Covid-19.


The Faces of Racism

Once again, our nation will depend on incompetence for its survival.


Masks of the Narcissists

There is no way to sugarcoat this: The pandemic is out of control in the US. On Friday there were over 181 thousand new cases. Eight days before that, we had just passed 100 thousand new cases for the first time.

With the tremendous surge in new cases, an equal surge in deaths will follow in a week or two. We know how to solve this, as has already been done in Australia, South Korea, even in China, but we won’t.

What is wrong with us? Do we have no will to live? Do we really not care if hundreds of thousands of people die?


Oh No, She’s Bach

It has been a very long time since we have heard from Michele Bachmann. No surprises, as she is even crazier than ever. The first 45 seconds of this video is Bachmann praying loudly that God will intervene and make Trump the president. Somehow, given how things are going, I don’t think God is listening to her.

Besides, if God followed Bachman’s prayers to smash deceit and delusion, one would assume that the first thing He would smash might just be Trump.


Math History Repeats Itself?


Now that Alaska and Arizona have been called, and assuming that Georgia goes to Joe Biden, and North Carolina goes to Donald Trump, the electoral college result will be 306 to 232.

Back in the 2016 election, Trump received 304 electoral college votes, and Clinton received 227. However, there were seven “faithless electors” — two of whom refused to vote for Trump and five who refused to vote for Clinton (all voted for other people). Which means that if the faithless electors had voted for the person to whom they were pledged, the result would have been 306 to 232. In fact, that was where it stood immediately after the election, before the meeting of the Electoral College.

Except this time Trump was on the losing side. However, back in 2016, when he won, his campaign declared it “Landslide. Blowout. Historic.

© Pat Bagley

You’re Fired!

From Australia. You gotta love ’em.


Trump Refuses to Concede

Trump not only refuses to concede the election, he claims he won (by a lot!). And the Republicans are enabling him:

“Let’s fight back and give President Trump all the due process the law allows him.” — Lindsay Graham

“President Trump is 100 percent within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options.” — Mitch McConnell

If you thought this post is all about hypocrisy, you would be right.