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Trump’s MLK Weekend

Stephen Colbert shows that you can still get comedy gold from Trump:

Many great quotes from Colbert’s monologue:

Well said. John Lewis is all “talk talk talk”, but a real leader like Trump is all “tweet tweet tweet”.

PT Barnum is famous for saying “There’s a sucker born every minute”, but Donald Trump is famous for proving it.


Beneficiaries of the ACA who voted for Trump

Fascinating video about people in Kentucky who benefitted tremendously from Obamacare, but who still voted for Donald Trump. They give their reasons, and talk about the gamble they took on Trump.


Trump’s Presser — SNL Style

Apparently Trump isn’t too happy about this. They accused Saturday Night Live of being “mean” and a “complete hit job”. Yes that’s right, the jerk who attacked a judge because of his Mexican heritage, dissed John McCain for being shot down over VietNam, made fun of a disabled reporter, and repeatedly attacked a Gold Star family, is upset because SNL is being mean to him.

His hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Life Accordion to Trump

Ever wonder why Trump waves his arms around so much?

And you know what? Accordions are YUUUGE in Russia.


Liberal Media is Back!

One piece of good news is that the progressive media has become energized and is preparing for the Trump presidency.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and presidency of Dubya launched many liberal news organizations, such as The Young Turks, Air America (which shuttered in 2010 after Obama became president), and Talking Points Memo joined longer term progressive organizations, like Mother Jones and the Huffington Post. But things fell off during the Obama presidency.

But now, they are all hiring staff. The best news is that they are particularly beefing up their investigative reporting staff. They have been able to do this because donations and subscriptions are up sharply, and they have not fallen off since the election. In fact, they are still increasing.

It is vital that we have a strong media to hold Trump accountable. If you have thought about supporting these organizations in the past, do it again. We need this now more than ever.



You may have noticed that posts have been a little spotty recently. Most of you know I have been traveling for the last few months and as the end of my vacation approaches, things have gotten a bit crazy. Sorry about that.

But don’t despair. I will be back home in a little over a week, so hopefully everything will get back on track soon after that.

Incidentally, Spain and Portugal are really lovely places. If for some strange reason you want to get away from the US for a while, I highly recommend them.


The Fate of Obamacare

Jen Sorensen
© Jen Sorensen

As someone who has spent a large part of my life starting new businesses, I know that repealing Obamacare without replacing it with something better will make it difficult for people to leave their jobs (with their health insurance) and start new companies. This, in turn, will strangle our economy. As politicians know, small businesses create most of the jobs in this country (and definitely not tax breaks for large corporations).

Ironically, Jen Sorensen, the creator of this comic, has the same problem. Here’s what she says about it:

I realize Obamacare wasn’t perfect — my own premiums have spiked, in part because so many people in Texas had gone without coverage for so long that they overwhelmed the system. But I’d still take the Affordable Care Act over what we had before any day. As a self-employed person, health insurance has been the bane of my existence for much of my career. For a few blissful years, I didn’t have to worry about it. Now I’m back to worrying. Why does Trump hate small businesspeople?

Of course I wish we had universal health care like most other industrialized nations on earth, but that wasn’t politically possible at the time Obama sought reform, and something had to be done. The ACA saved lives, and for that I’m grateful.


How Many Conservatives Will Believe This?

© Tom Tomorrow

Too bad this comic didn’t have room to verify all of the false rumors and lies that have been circulated about Obama during his presidency.


Fact Checking Trump’s Tweets

The Washington Post fact checker has started a new column just to check Trump’s tweets each week:

For the first installment, they check eight tweets from last week. New installments coming every week.


The Future of Fox News?

One bit of ironic news is that one of the major causes of our current national dysfunction, Fox News, is not doing very well. Roger Ailes, the creator of the greatest faux news propaganda machine in our nation’s history, is long gone.

And now, Megyn Kelly has announced that she is leaving Fox News and joining NBC. Which is an even more ironic choice of new home, since Kelly is now one of the most credible critics of Donald Trump, and Trump is still the executive producer of “The Apprentice” on NBC.

Kelly’s show on Fox News was their second most popular show, behind Bill O’Reilly. But O’Reilly has been talking about retiring sometime in 2017. So what happens to Fox News next? Rupert Murdock’s sons, who now run News Corp, want to take the channel in a new direction in order to appeal to a younger audience, as their current base demographic — old angry white men — is starting to die off.

Could this be good news?


Ultimate Anger Management

Key and Peale appear on The Daily Show with one last episode of Obama’s anger translator.


Late Night Political Humor

[Jokes from Dec. 21, 2016]

“Donald Trump loves Christmas. It’s the one time of year where he can say, ‘Those are real, those are fake,’ and claim he was talking about Christmas trees.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Rudy Giuliani said this morning that even though Donald Trump passed him over for a position in his administration, Trump hasn’t forgotten about him. Said Trump, ‘It’s true. How could I ever forget Rudy Garziola? Gorgonzola, whatever. I’ll never forget my good friend Judy.'” – Seth Meyers

“Trump confirmed yesterday that he met with Mexican businessman Carlos Slim recently. And I guess it went well, ’cause he later tweeted in all caps, ‘HE IS A GREAT GUY.'” – Jimmy Fallon

“Even in print, Trump’s way of communicating with foreigners is just speaking English louder.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Bill O’Reilly said last night that liberals want to eliminate the Electoral College because they want power taken away from the white establishment. Bill, you don’t have to say, ‘White establishment.’ It’s redundant. That’s like saying ATM machine. The ‘M’ means machine.” – Seth Meyers

“Vice president Joe Biden will reportedly work at the University of Pennsylvania once he leaves office. Apparently they had an opening for, ‘Cool R.A.'” – Seth Meyers


Go Bernie Go!

The Senate is already debating the repeal of Obamacare, and Bernie Sanders is already pointing out the blazing hypocrisy if they succeed. One of the advantages of a president who can’t stop tweeting is that you have everything he has tweeted in black and white. So Sanders brought a rather large copy of one of Donald Trump’s tweets during the presidential campaign to the floor of the Senate:

Trump’s tweet says: “I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me.”

Obamacare contains extensive fixes to Medicare (including fixing the infamous donut hole problem, and funding fixes so it wouldn’t run out of money), and even more extensive improvements to Medicaid. So if Trump signs a bill to repeal Obamacare without replacing it with something that has the same provisions, he will be breaking a huge promise to the American people. Millions of people will lose their health insurance, and everyone else will get worse coverage. That certainly looks like cuts and sounds like cuts, and sounds like a quack.


The Left Turns Right?

© Jen Sorensen

I also want to include Sorensen’s notes from this comic, which I totally agree with!

Let me start by saying I consider myself to be somewhat to the left of Bernie. I favor a Scandinavian-style social safety net — heck, I am Scandinavian. So this comic is not coming from the perspective of a milquetoast centrist Democrat, or even a strong Hillary partisan, as I’m guessing some will assume in our world of fun political binaries. What concerns me is that I’m seeing fundamentally right-wing concepts being adopted by those who self-identify as lefties or progressives. You might say I’m criticizing the left from the left.

To address a few points raised in the cartoon: I shouldn’t need to even spell this out, but as a gentle reminder, Russia is an authoritarian regime that crushes free speech, dissidents, LGBT rights, and now, apparently, my own health insurance. This didn’t just happen to Hillary; it happened to all of us. It’s pretty much the definition of what should be a non-partisan concern. Mountains of evidence exist for Putin’s attempt to swing our election (and others), and to minimize the problem is nothing short of laughable. And yes, I do think the interference had a substantial impact.

Hillary has certainly frustrated me at times over the years, but I came to admire her intelligence and poise over the course of this election cycle. Her performance at the debates with Trump was nothing short of heroic. She also ran on the most progressive Democratic platform ever, but since policy has become almost completely divorced from politics, she gets little credit for that. I could go on, but as my husband says, this was not so much an election as an exorcism, the culmination of a decades-long smear campaign by the right.

The term “political correctness” has been the cornerstone of conservative efforts to transform the ideas of civil rights and equality into something frivolous and stupid. The right loves plucking silly examples from obscure, powerless people and blowing them up into huge “culture war” issues that supposedly threaten the nation. “PC” is an insult that plays into their hands.

Along these same lines, “liberal elites” — long a Fox News favorite — is designed to shift attention away from the actual economic elites hoovering up the world’s wealth and resources, such as the Koch Brothers or Trump, and instead make one think of poodle-owning urbanites supposedly looking down their noses at everyone (while in reality voting to raise the minimum wage). It’s a frame, not a fact, and hides a deep anti-intellectual agenda.

Don’t fall for these con-job concepts! The world doesn’t need any Fox News Lefties.


Late Night Political Humor

[Jokes from Dec. 20, 2016]

“Donald Trump is saying ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays.’ Donald Trump said he’s a fan of Jesus because ‘I like guys who inherit their dad’s business and then think they’re God.'” – Conan O’Brien

“Yesterday, Donald Trump officially became the president-elect after 538 electors from the Electoral College cast their votes. And immediately after, Donald Trump claimed that 3 million of them voted illegally.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Donald Trump has now waited over four times longer than any other president-elect to hold a post-election press conference. He is basically treating the press like a Tinder date. They did every dirty thing he wanted and now he’s ignoring their texts.” – Seth Meyers

“Donald Trump said that after the election, he didn’t call Bill Clinton, but instead, ‘Bill Clinton called me.’ Bill Clinton said, ‘Actually, I was calling for Melania and he answered the phone.'” –Conan O’Brien

“Opera star Andrea Bocelli has backed out of performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration after pressure from his fans. So congratulations to his replacement, Chumbawamba.” – Conan O’Brien

“Apple’s new operating system gets rid of the feature that tells you how much battery time you have left on your laptop. People will have no idea they’re about to lose power. Or as Democrats put it, ‘Been there’.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Well, there are only four days until Christmas. So, Hillary, just choose a tree already. You’ve been in the woods long enough. Choose a tree and come home, Hillary.” – Seth Meyers

“Netflix began streaming a biopic of President Obama this weekend called ‘Barry.’ They’ll also air a documentary about Trump’s presidential win called ‘Barely’.” – Seth Meyers