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Daily Archives: February 6th, 2010

Stewart Skullf#@ks Blogosphere

I just had to use that headline. Watch the video and see why:


Jobs lost under Bush v. Obama

I think this graphic — prepared by Nancy Pelosi using month-by-month job loss data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — speaks for itself. I hope the Dems show this every time anyone tries to blame Obama for the high unemployment rate. Isn’t it refreshing to see the Democrats finally starting to fight back? In […]


Republicans don’t want to cut Medicare, they want to gut it

Many of the Republican talking points during the Health care reform debate accused the Democrats of trying to ration health care, cut Medicare, and even institute “death panels” that would decide your granny didn’t deserve to live. Well, the death panels were a complete fabrication, and cutting Medicare turned out to actually be making it […]