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McCain Appeases Bush?

A post here earlier today pointed out the hypocrisy of Bush comparing Obama to Nazi appeasers because Obama is in favor of negotiating with (some of) our enemies. But it just keeps getting more bizarre. Today McCain (who is largely running on his foreign policy experience) defended Bush’s remarks and further claimed that the reason that the hostages in Iran came home in the 80’s was because Reagan refused to negotiate.

Unfortunately, McCain seems to lost his bearings again. Has he forgotten the Iran-Contra Scandal? That’s where Reagan’s administration was caught red-handed sending arms to Iran in exchange for the release of the hostages. Doesn’t that sound like appeasement?

UPDATE: It turns out that McCain has totally flip-flopped on whether we should be talking with Hamas. Two years ago he was in favor of it, now he is attacking Obama for being in favor of it. Which astoundingly is not even Obama’s position on Hamas (both Clinton and Obama have said that Hamas must change its policies toward Israel and terrorism before it can have diplomatic relations with the US).

UPDATE 2: While Bush and McCain are attacking Obama for wanting to sit down and talk with Iran, Bush’s own Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, is calling for the same thing! “We need to figure out a way to develop some leverage … and then sit down and talk with them” Gates said about Iran.