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US plot to nail Iran backfires

Once again it seems like the only thing that saves us from the Bush administration is their sheer incompetence. And the only thing that saves us from knowing about their incompetence is the mainstream media.

The Bush Administration has been beating the war drums against Iran. On May 3, the US military under General Patraeus alerted the US media to a “major news event” where captured Iranian arms in Karbala would be displayed, proving that Iran was supplying arms to the war in Iraq. But when US munitions experts went to Karbala, they discovered that there wasn’t a single Iranian weapon there and the event was cancelled.

Since the US media announced this event, do you think they would bother to report when it was cancelled? Of course not. The only mention in the US media was in a Los Angeles Times blog. The story wasn’t carried in the LA Times itself. If you want to read about it, you have to go to the foreign press.