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Lobbyist in Chief

It is getting to the point where it appears that McCain is not so much running for Commander in Chief, but Lobbyist in Chief. Just a few days after he had to get rid of half a dozen of his senior campaign staff because they were also working as lobbyists at the same time, it turns out that former Senator Phil Gramm, a general co-chair of McCain’s campaign and one of his primary economic advisors, was working as a lobbyist (again at the same time he was working for the campaign).

But the kicker is that Gramm was working for the Swiss Bank UBS, for whom he was hired to (successfully) stop legislation aimed at creating industry regulations that just might have prevented the current mortgage foreclosure crisis.

So just to lay this out, the economy is consistently listed as the number 1 concern of voters during this election, and McCain is getting his economic advice from a man who — working for a foreign corporation no less — stopped legislation that could have prevented one of our largest current economic disasters.

Keith Olbermann video.


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