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McCain, (near) dictator

McCain has been losing campaign staff left and right since he decided he needed to get rid of all (current) lobbyists from his staff, but I’m not sure that the new replacements are any better.

Consider Michael Goldfarb, the newly appointed Deputy Commications Director for McCain. Goldfarb’s previous job was at Bill Kristol’s The Weekly Standard, “one of the most deceptive propaganda organs of the Bush years”. Last April, Goldfarb wrote that the framers of the constitution gave the president “near dictatorial power” with regards to foreign policy and war, and asserted that this power trumped Congress. When the Bush administration was accused of using torture, Goldfarb’s response was a sarcastic “boo hoo” (McCain claims to be against the use of torture).

With McCain’s new Deputy in charge of Propaganda Communications, we can say goodbye to straight talk.