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With Enemies like Clinton’s, who needs Friends?

A few days ago, Bill Clinton started placing blame for Hillary’s failing nomination bid on a number of “enemies”, powerful forces including a brazenly biased media, and the group

Speaking about the press, he said that Hillary faced a hostile and imbalanced media environment. But a new study by Harvard University says that from January 1 to March 9, the media stories about Obama and Clinton were almost identical in tone. And after that (and well before the Rev. Wright mess) media coverage turned against Obama.

What caused this change? According to the report, it happened precisely after Clinton criticized the media for being soft on Obama during a debate!

Placing blame on is even more bizarre. After all, MoveOn was founded in 1998 to oppose the Republican-led effort to impeach Clinton himself.

With enemies like these — a media that you can easily turn against your opponent and an organization that was founded to support you — who needs friends?