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John McCain’s ‘hip’ new campaign blog

The John McCain campaign has started a new blog, called The McCain Report. So far there are three posts, all by a single little-known blogger. The first entry is the standard “Hello, World!”, but it shows a cheeky sense of humor when it jokes about the blog ditching its original lime-green background. Looks promising, but it goes downhill from there.

The second entry shows what this blog will be all about: it accuses Obama of being “Changey” (a word not in my dictionary, other than for a small town in France — are they accusing Obama of being, um, French?), followed by a quote from McCain where he calls Ahmadinejad a dictator (note to McCain: Ahmadinejad isn’t even the primary leader of Iran).

The second entry ends with a seriously misleading quotation. They quote an AP article about Jerusalem as saying “Obama is trying to have it both ways, but there is nothing new about that.” They imply that the AP article is saying that there is nothing new about Obama trying to have it both ways. But the actual quote is “Obama is trying to have it both ways, but there is nothing new about that. So does President Bush. President Clinton did, too.”  The point being that our last two presidents have also had ambiguous positions on Jerusalem (which they seem to think might be a good thing, all things considered).

The last (but certainly not least) entry is “Attention disaffected Hillary supporters, John McCain is a huge ABBA fan.” Followed by a ABBA music video of “Take a chance on me”.


UPDATE: According to The Nation, the McCain Report originally had a link to the liberal blog Daily Kos, but apparently that was short lived — the link is gone.