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Death to Israel … Death to Traffic

While our politicians argue about whether we should bomb Iran or meet with their leaders, the well-known travel writer Rick Steves takes a film crew to Iran and finds, according to him, some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Rick Steves in IranIt’s ironic that in most countries these days, Americans find they’re better off keeping a low profile. But here, in a country I’m told hates me, my nationality has been a real plus — absolutely everywhere I’ve gone. … And I have absolutely never traveled to a place where I had such an easy and enjoyable time connecting with people. Young, educated people speak English. Locals were as confused about and fascinated by me as I was about them.

Steves paints a surprisingly candid account of life in Iran, from the friendliness of the people, the propaganda billboards, to the strictly conformist universities. Anyone who has any curiosity about life in a modern Muslim nation should read his blog entries about the trip.