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Getting Whitey

Hilarious piece on Michelle Obama’s Secret Negro Agenda:

A few excerpts:

Just as it is with Christians and gays, just because we say nasty things about you doesn’t mean we hate you. Good Christians hate the sin and love the sinner. We love white. We just hate whitey. 

The first (actually, the only) item on the agenda was revenge — how to pay whitey back. Some of you have obviously been dreading this since the end of Reconstruction. Obama practically has to tattoo the flag on his ass to convince you he’s not out to get you. Judging from your behavior, I suppose you’ve just put yourselves in our shoes and realized that if the roles were reversed, revenge is all you’d think about.

We all celebrated by bumping our knuckles together. It’s not a “terrorist fist bump” as Fox News suggested. It’s the International Get Whitey Bump. Just make a fist and bump, bump, bump your knuckles against your neighbor’s.