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Senate Republicans Night of the Living Dead

After loosing three congressional seats in traditionally Republican districts, the Republicans are now setting themselves up for more losses, but this time in the Senate. For some reason, Republicans are having a heck of a time finding anyone either qualified or willing to run for the Senate. As a result, some of their proposed candidates are almost amusing:

  • Bob Kelleher, the Republican nominee in Montana is in favor of socialized medicine, nationalizing the nation’s oil and gas industries, and raising taxes significantly in order to eradicate poverty. And yes, he is running as a Republican, even though he has previously run (and lost) 15 times as a Democrat and as a member of the Green Party.
  • Christopher Reed, who might be running in Iowa against Tom Harkin, although he has yet to open up a campaign bank account (even though it is required in order to do fundraising).
  • Jim Ogonowski might have been a decent Republican nominee in Massachusetts to run against John Kerry, but he came 30 signatures short of the 10,000 signatures necessary to get on the ballot, and then decided to drop out.
  • In Arkansas, the Republicans failed to find any candidate at all to challenge Mark Pryor.

The Democrats can’t resist having a little fun at the GOP’s expense. They have set up a web page called Rotten Recruits (reminiscent of the movie recommendation site Rotten Tomatoes), complete with reviews and even a fake movie trailer: