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Same person wins both Dem and Rep nomination

Democrat John Kroger won the Oregon Democratic primary to become their candidate for Attorney General, but in an interesting turn of events, he is also the Republican candidate! Because the Republicans couldn’t find anyone willing to run for the office, election officials were left with counting write-in votes, and the winner was Kroger (defeating several other write-in candidates, including two Republicans and another Democrat).

Kroger announced that he will accept the Republican nomination, even though he did not actively campaign for write-in votes. “I am very pleased to win the Republican nomination. Winning this nomination shows that there is broad, bipartisan support for my agenda of tackling Oregon’s meth crisis, improving consumer protection, and strengthening enforcement of our environmental laws,” he said in a statement.

Oregon has a number of other minor parties, but so far none of them have nominated a candidate, so it looks like Kroger will be the only name on the ballot.