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Republican abortion hypocrisy: it’s wrong unless I need one

Mike Erickson is a Republican running for congress in Oregon. He has sent out campaign materials stressing his pro-life beliefs. Except that in 2001, when a woman he was dating got pregnant, he gave her $300 and drove her to an abortion clinic, dumping her there.

It is especially delicious when the hypocrisy of a candidate running on a pro-life platform is revealed. This isn’t about whether abortion is right or wrong, this is about using a controversial issue for political gain — declaring that abortion is murder — except maybe that doesn’t apply when a messy thing called life gets in the way of your political ambitions.

Just to make matters worse, Erickson initially tried to deny he paid for the abortion, except that medical and other records and the accounts of two witnesses back up the charges. Erickson also claims he never saw the woman again, but there are documents and photos showing him on a trip to Mexico with her two months after the abortion, and witnesses say that they spent the night together.

If abortion is murder, then paying for a murder is still murder. Sending out pro-life campaign materials is hypocrisy, and lying about it is strike three.