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McCain tries to be “hip” with Pork Invaders

McCain’s website now features a “cool” “new” video game called Pork Invaders (you can play it, below). Unfortunately, as Wonkette says, the game looks older than John himself. And the game was clearly “borrowed” from somewhere else, and somewhat sloppily — all the aliens use the same pig image, even though they have different point values.

And correct me if I’m wrong (it has been 30 years since it came out) but as I recall there was no way to win Space Invaders. No matter how many aliens you kill, they just keep on coming and coming until you (eventually) die. Is that the message we are supposed to get from this game: that no matter how many vetoes McCain uses, he will never be able to defeat pork spending?

McCain’s website does make one acknowledgement of the InnerTubes — you can add the game to your Facebook profile. Any takers?


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  1. Dave wrote:

    wow. if we stopped building hospitals, libraries, and sewage treatment plants, we could save lots of money!

    meanwhile, we pay about $1B a day in interest in republican debt mccain voted for, and we are paying about that much for the war in iraq that mccain voted for.

    he’s looking for change under the couch when the mortgage is due.

    The fact is, that when we were in surpluses, under the democrats, republicans were running scared because then there was no excuse to cut investments in this nation.

    they like it much better this way.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 1:50 pm | Permalink