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“Vote George W. Bush 2008” – WTF?

I’m not totally sure this isn’t a hoax, but there is a website out there encouraging people to vote for George W. Bush in 2008. How? By writing in his name.

What about term limits? Why those pesky things are man’s law, not god’s.

The God who parted the Red Sea is surely not worried about so-called “term limits”. When you vote your faith you let Almighty God take care of the details.

What makes me suspect it is a hoax are the bumper stickers, which they are selling for $8 a pop, with catchy slogans like

  • Stay the course 2008
  • Third term’s a charm
  • Term limits: man’s law, not God’s

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  1. Zen Bonobo wrote:

    It seems like 3AM after what seemed like a good idea salami sandwich before bed. “Was the mayo whiffy?”

    Saturday, June 28, 2008 at 12:32 pm | Permalink