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The many personalities of Obama

The election statistics site FiveThirtyEight has a new (and wonderful) set of statistics. They have collected the number of times that Obama has been compared strongly to other politicians. For example, there are two articles about how Obama is the new Bush (that would be the current president Bush — there are three articles on how Obama is the new George H. W. Bush).  Here’s the whole list with the number of articles — Obama is the new:

George W. Bush: 2
George H. W. Bush: 3 
Ronald Reagan: 7
John Kerry: 4
Al Gore: 2
Bill Clinton: 3
Bob Dole: 1
Michael Dukasis: 2
Walter Mondale: 2
Jimmy Carter: 4
Gerald Ford: 1
Richard Nixon: 3
George McGovern: 3
Hubert Humphrey: 1
Lyndon B. Johnson: 3
Barry Goldwater: 1
John F. Kennedy: 5 (you’d think there would be more of these!)
Dwight Eisenhower: 2
Adlai Stevenson: 4
Harry Truman: 2
Thomas Dewey: 2

See their site with links to all the articles.

Some of these articles are hit pieces, trying to equate Obama with some failed or unpopular politician, but not all of them. But it is ironic how Obama has been equated with just about every possible politician, from Reagan to Kennedy, with everything in between.