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McCain wants to hear from you, but only in the form of money

Conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan had to give up after trying to post a comment on McCain’s website:

Even after I got an account, an ordeal in itself, clicking ‘Post a comment’ or ‘Reply’ made the ‘Take Action!’ page appear.

Of course, the “Take Action!” page is the one that asks you for money.

Even if he had been able to get to the page where you post a comment, Sullivan would have run into a further problem — an extremely overzealous comment filter. One poster did manage to get through and post a comment, but just so he could say:

If someone can help me understand, there seems to be an automatic moderation in place. The most innocuous of words seem to be off limits, but I’m having a hard time figuring out which ones. I find myself editing my posts until they become almost meaningless and barren of information. Any ideas anyone?

Apparently, their comment filter rejects any word that contains potentially naughty letters. For example, the word “compass” is rejected because of the letters “ass”, and the word “analysis” because it contains “anal”. And not just naughty letters — the letters “net” or “org” or “gov” get rejected; for example, “monetarily” gets rejected for “net”.