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Compassionate Conservative v. Pedestrian

Columnist Robert Novak has been charged in an accident involving a pedestrian. Novak, who drives a black Corvette and is known as an “aggressive” driver, sped away from the scene. Novak claims he didn’t know he hit anyone, however, a witness says: “There was a pedestrian splayed on his windshield — I don’t think there is any way you could miss that.” The witness gave chase on a bicycle and called 911; he also said that after he stopped Novak, that Novak kept “trying to get away”.

None of this would be ironic, except that in a 2001 interview in the Washington Post, Novak said “I really hate jaywalkers. I despise them. Since I don’t run the country, all I can do is yell at ’em. The other option is to run ’em over, but as a compassionate conservative, I would never do that.”


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