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McCain campaign cries over spilt oil?

You aren’t supposed to cry about spilt milk, but how about spilt oil? McCain has been on the attack recently because Obama wants to keep the current limits on offshore oil drilling. So today, while Obama was giving a speech to a crowd of over 200,000 people in Berlin, McCain decided to pull his own photo op, and helicopter out to an offshore oil rig near New Orleans.

Unfortunately, the photo op was cancelled. The McCain campaign claims it is because of poor weather, but a more likely reason seems to be because of an oil spill that just happened near New Orleans, closing 89 miles of the Mississippi River and disrupting water supplies.  I guess it just isn’t a good idea to give a speech about how safe oil drilling is right in front of an 400,000 gallon oil spill. Or as Senator Bob Menendez put it:

Look up ‘irony’ in the dictionary and you will find a description of this turn of events. Having to cancel your big oil drilling photo op because of a massive oil spill is like canceling a crime safety photo op because the house next door just got robbed.