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He used to be a Maverick, but the Republicans ‘broke’ him

It must be pretty frustrating when all your attacks start to backfire. How would you like to be one-upped by Paris Hilton? Or forced to admit that maybe keeping your tires properly inflated isn’t such a bad idea after all.

So you’d think the McCain campaign would have thought twice before releasing a campaign ad featuring clips of well-known Democrats praising John McCain as a maverick. Here it is:

It only took a few hours for the DNC to put together an ad called “Maverick No More” containing existing video clips of the same Democrats wondering what happened to the McCain they used to know. This comes at a time when the mainstream media is “starting to wonder whether he’s become just another hack politician“. Enjoy:

New campaign slogan: “He used to be a Maverick, but the Republicans broke him in 2000”

Or as Amy Silverman (an Arizona reporter who has covered McCain for many years) says: “Postmodern McCain is just not as much fun as his predecessor, the straight-ahead, shit-talking bad guy.

And note that interestingly, there has been a parade of Republicans praising Obama this week, but McCain had to go back years to find Democrats saying nice things about him.