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How a recession starts

Ted Rall
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  1. asdf wrote:

    what the heck? pointless

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  2. cait wrote:

    but what is recession?

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  3. cait wrote:

    how does it start? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    I believe that greedy companies, especially those who sell things or commodities that we are forced to buy, who are quick to exploit that situation and profiteer are the main culprits that start recessions. This is because their profiteering squeezes family budgets to the point that people stop spending like they used to because they are dreading and fearing their next bills which they are expecting to increase. At this time the prices of motor insurance, gas and electricity, petrol and food are the main prices that are ridiculously and scandalously inflating more than the economy can stand, and those types of inflation are definitely damaging the economy. Therefore when greed rules that is what sparks a recession or even a depression. It is much the same way as how the wrong taxes being set too high can damage the economy.

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