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Ah, Life?

When asked by pastor Rick Warren at what point does a human being get full human rights, McCain immediately answered “At the moment of conception.”

Sounds like a clear answer, but as Time Magazine points out, this quickly gets you into very murky water. About half of all embryos (fertilized eggs) miscarry naturally before they are able to implant, before the mother is even aware that she might be pregnant.

Even if the egg is successfully implanted, if it has full human rights, does this mean that an embryo will need a passport to travel to other countries? Or do embryos only get certain human rights? Breast feeding can interfere with implantation of fertilized eggs — does this mean that breast feeding should be illegal since it can kill an embryo?  And drinking coffee can increase the chance of miscarriage, as can exercise in general, often even before a woman knows she is pregnant.  But if an embryo has full human rights, shouldn’t such harmful activities be outlawed? What restrictions are we willing to place upon women in order to give embryos full human rights?

Even with life, some things can be as clear as mud.