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McCain pokes conservatives in the eyes, then expects them to blindly follow him

Over at conservative Michelle Malkin’s blog people are upset at McCain. Why? Because the Republican National Committee (RNC) is running a radio ad that, in Malkin’s words, is pure “hispandering”. The ad, in Spanish, tries to paint McCain as a friend to Hispanics because of his support for amnesty for illegal aliens (or as Malkin spells it, “shamnesty”).

I have to give Malkin credit that her first point is that the ad treats “Hispanics as a monolithic bloc of open-borders sheep,” when the majority of American Hispanics are here legally and do not necessarily support amnesty for illegals. But her main point is that this is unabashed pandering for votes (which Malkin says are “votes they’re not going to get anyway”). McCain’s campaign is once again thumbing its nose at the conservative base, who strongly oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. In fact, they rose up in arms in 2006 over McCain’s support for amnesty.

But the best part is the comments, including the one I paraphrased for the title:

The RNC is their own worst enemy. They just love to poke conservatives in the eye and expect them to blindly (no pun intended) support them and more disgustingly donate $$$$ to their campaign. Hark!! There go my men(conservatives), I must catch them, for I am their leader–not. Senor Mc Spain

But others are just as funny:

Is he trying to lose on purpose?

What part of illegal don’t they understand?

Is he implying all hispanics are “immigrants”? Isn’t that stereotyping or did I wake up on the wrong side of the PC bed this morning.

When we killed the shamnesty legislation he said he “got the message, secure the border first”. In the immortal [words] of Bugs Bunny ”What a maroon”.

When the Republicans got spanked in 2006 he claimed he did learn his lesson. Sounds to me as if he needs to learn it again.

Only McCain, can defeat McCain.

I don’t see how anyone who calls themselves conservative can vote for Juan for el presidente. How many times does he have to betray conservatives for us to get the picture??

Another amnesty will result in Democrat majorities for decades, or until they are supplanted by the La Raza Party, why doesn’t the RNC know that? How stupid do you have to be to import voters for the opposition at the same time you alienate your own voters?

McCain needs to get his head out of his arse.

We are screwed.

Since this ad seems to be pretty offensive to just about everyone, you have to wonder whom is the target of the ad. If the RNC is aiming an ad at illegal aliens, someone needs to tell them that they can’t vote.