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Subliminal advertising at its worst

A new McCain campaign attack ad shows lots of images of Obama, but for some unexplained reason has an ominous  “dark shadow” hanging over him. That’s bad enough, but the real killer is that this same strange shadow is used in an image where Obama is standing in front of a crowd holding up the letters that spell C H A N G E. Except that the dark shadow is obscuring the first and last letters:


All I can say is that in politics and advertising, nothing is done by mistake.

And this ignores that McCain’s claim that Obama wants to raise your taxes is a lie.

See the ad here.


One Comment

  1. Dave Kliman wrote:

    and don’t forget all the phallic symbols.. .note the two choir singers vests… left sides…

    these ads really are meant to appeal to the chimps in our population.

    Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 1:03 pm | Permalink