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Abuse of Power?

A few weeks ago, I quoted Alaska Governor Sarah Palin praising Obama’s energy plan. Today, she was named as McCain’s (presumptive) VP choice, and (big surprise) those quotes mysteriously vanished as if she had never uttered them.

I could understand if Palin took them off of her own website, but they were removed from the official Alaska government site. Lucky for us, Google has a cache of the offending page for your viewing enjoyment.

I guess it is not very surprising that Palin would abuse her power for partisan purposes, since she is currently under investigation for trying to get her former state trooper brother-in-law fired because of his messy divorce with Palin’s sister.

McCain should also remember that when you pick someone to be your VP who panders to the evangelical base, you might just get someone who thinks that creationism should be taught in public schools.

Also, see what Karl Rove recently had to say about picking an inexperienced first-term governor and former mayor as VP.

UPDATE: Apparently Palin’s Wikipedia entry has been rewritten as well. They did it Thursday, the day before it was announced that she was the VP nominee, so it was someone either in Palin’s or McCain’s organizations.