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  1. Virginia Kugel wrote:

    Ethics and reform…that’s the big message being sent out by both campaigns …right? The “Conservative” base is jumping for joy over John McCain and his Honor…but, have they asked themselves a few ethical questions?

    If a big Profiteer from: Alcohol , Tobacco , or Firearms…… were running for President of the United States, would you believe him or her when they proclaimed: “Americans First?” What do you think would come first? The People or the Profits?

    Here is a look into the PROVEN ethics that separate both candidates.

    Since you are reading this on-line…I know that you, unlike John McCain, who wants to be the leader of the free world…have the power to Snopes or Google any of the following….

    Did you know? If John McCain wins the Presidential Election; then, “The True King of Beers ” will be in charge? How’s that for your “Conservative” candidate?

    It all started when John McCain came home from being a P.O.W., …..He then re-married to a Budweiser heiress, (Cindy McCain, who inherited a major share in a Budweiser Distribution Empire.) Soon after, John McCain went into politics. With his wife’s family empire and influence , John McCain was soon : “The Senator brought to you by Budweiser!”

    It’s not MY problem! Or, is it….(….I do drive…..) …then… it occurred to me:

    Thanks to the folks in government, you know, the people paid to have our best interest at heart…in an effort to bring down the soaring cost of health care ….even the big tobacco companies have had to surrender some of their profits to help their victims!

    So, where is the Honorable Senator John McCain on the issue of helping Americans who’s lives have been affected or destroyed by HIS product? Remember….”Americans First?”

    John chose to remove himself from the political issue all together so he could serve on the board of Budweiser instead! His profits were more important than the issues….Very Honorable? Senator McCain should not have been allowed to make that choice. As a Senator, he should be able to discuss and be willing to help with ALL of the issues that Americans face!~Right?

    The Senator from Arizona chose to be one less voice heard in government fighting on behalf of millions of innocent Americans devastated by the big three: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. All of these issues then in turn, put a major stress on the Soaring Cost of Health Care, Jails and Welfare…Where does it end?

    How can John avoid one subject and think he can understand the others…. They are all tied together!

    I guess this is why Senator McCain has had so much time to focus on war?

    Ethics? What a unique position John and Cindy were in to truly help Americans and not their bottom line. John could have said, “Look, we are not even profiting off of this…” People are going to drink, but, we have done everything we can to help fight its devastating effects.” “I take care of myself and my family and I know how tempting it is to take the easy way out….” “My wife and I care more about Americans and their overall well being.” All of the money collected from alcohol sales and crimes should go BACK to the ones affected by its devastating effects. Right? But, John was too concerned with “his integrity” to join in on the issue!

    If John and Cindy are OK with having so many houses that he can’t count them all….all gained from the profits from death and destruction, then so be it. He can justify his lifestyle to M.A.D.! I have more respect for the integrity of the man moping the floor!

    So to me, its not how many houses John and Cindy have, now the issue is: how many people have they helped to become homeless, parent-less or child-less?

    Who was it that said, “With much given, much is expected?” Isn’t’t that a fundamental premise of conservative values?

    What an ironic twist when I realized that John McCain never had to enter into politics to help create jobs…Just look at how many jobs the McCain’s have helped to create as a result of all of the alcohol related crimes across America!

    I look at Senator Obama, I see that he could have lived a lavish life pointing a finger at one side of the law or another, as a high priced lawyer. But, instead, like it or not, Barack Obama chose to LIFT a finger! ~That to me, IS working from the bottom up by putting the Americans at the bottom… FIRST!

    I wonder how many women and children are victims of alcohol abuse and end up pregnant? Oh well… too bad… If “The King Of Beers” is in charge, No choice for her! The irony is overwhelming!

    Senator Obama seemed to have his finger closer to the pulse of Americans when he said, “We have to address the issue of WHY so many women are pro-choice.” ~Any Ideas John?

    VA. from PA.

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