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Pinocchio the Elephant Lies

CNN Fact Checks McCain and concludes that he’s lying:

Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post notices that even after Palin admits that she stretched the truth, she repeats the very same lie again:

  1. Palin claims she told Congress “Thanks, but no thanks to the Bridge to Nowhere”.
  2. A quick check of her record shows that she supported the bridge when she was running for governor, supported it after she got elected, and dropped her backing only after it was widely ridiculed as a prime example of pork-barrel spending, and was effectively killed by Congress.
  3. In the one interview she has given since her nomination, she admitted she supported the bridge.
  4. A couple of days after the interview, she repeats — word for word — “I told Congress thanks but no thanks to that Bridge to Nowhere”.

© Tony Auth

UPDATE: The lies just keep on coming. In several interviews this morning, McCain bragged about his duties in the Senate:

“I understand the economy. I was chairman of the Commerce Committee that oversights every part of our economy.” – on CNBC’s Squak Box

“I know how to fix this economy. I have had great experience on these issues as chairman of the Commerce Committee.” – on Fox’s Morning Joe

The problem is that it is not the Senate Commerce Committee that has oversight over the economy, it is the Senate Banking Committee. If we have a problem with the Coast Guard, highway safety, sports, or the Panama Canal then the Commerce Committee would deal with it. But if we have a problem with banks, housing, credit, financial services, monetary policy, or the federal reserve — those areas that are currently in crisis — they we would go to the Banking Committee. McCain either doesn’t know what his committee does, or he is just simply lying.  Again.

UPDATE 2: Now MSNBC does a fact check of Palin. Not only is she lying, but she keeps lying about the same things that people have already pointed out are lies.


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    Yeah but he is white and not elitist…

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