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Palin campaign blatantly lied about her medical records

Two weeks ago, the Palin campaign told several reporters that a summary of her medical records would be made public before Election Day. Well, that day has come, and nothing appears to be forthcoming.

Did they have any intention of releasing those records? Or did they just lie on purpose to get people to stop asking? (All three other candidates have released some records, although McCain didn’t actually release them, he just let a few reporters look at them briefly).

This is especially suspicious because there are some strange inconsistencies concerning Palin’s recent birth.

But if they didn’t want to release her medical records, then why did they lie about it? (There is no law requiring them to do so, although most candidates for the presidency or vice-presidency do release such records.)

I am reminded when the Troopergate report was released, which concluded that Palin violated Alaska ethics laws, but Palin insisted that she was cleared of all legal or ethical wrongdoing. Is it just easier for her to lie?

UPDATE: Late Monday night, Palin finally released a summary of her medical history. I take everything back.