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Same Old Change?

© Lisa Benson

I actually find this cartoon a bit stupid (even though it made me laugh). First, how many people is Obama going to find for his administration who haven’t worked in the Clinton administration? Second, isn’t complaining about this like the “guilt by association” that we found so disgusting when it was used to tie Obama to Ayers and Rezko? And third, was the Clinton administration really so bad? Seriously, compared to the last eight years? Which leads directly to: Fourth, when I voted for Change, I was voting for NO MORE NEOCONS, NO MORE BUSH/CHENEY policies. If I wanted only people with no serious political experience, I would have voted for Palin for President.

If you want to complain about Obama, I don’t want to stop you, but wouldn’t it make more sense to complain if he or the people he picks actually do something you don’t like? I was all over Obama when he voted for the FISA bill, and if he tries to pull that same sh*t again I will be first in line to open up a full can of whoop-ass on him (I only used an ounce of whoop-ass previously because there was an election at stake and the alternative was so much worse).

Which brings us to my final rant for today. Why does the media keep talking about all the mindless Obama people who support him no matter what he does or says? The Obama supporters I know — even those who were working for or volunteering for the Obama campaign — were all very upset about his FISA vote. Many actually stopped working for the campaign, although most came back eventually (hmm, lemme see, do I want someone who voted for FISA as a political expediency, versus someone who thinks FISA didn’t go far enough? Not a very tough choice).

What is wrong with getting excited about someone who is so much better than the unadulterated crap that has been shoveled at us for the last eight years? Obama isn’t even president yet and yet he has already changed the world’s opinion of this country. If Obama is only able to accomplish half the things that he has promised he will do, I will be satisfied.

Will I be happy with everything he does? No way. But that’s to be expected. After all, democrats are not ditto-heads. In fact, as the primaries showed, they are often their own worst enemies.

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  1. Dave K wrote:

    The _CHANGE_ is away from incompetent thieving bush cronies, and back to clintonites who gave us the best economy in the history of this country.

    Now that’s change we can believe in.

    Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 11:45 pm | Permalink