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Small Town Values?

Yesterday, was a rather bad day for Levi Johnston (supposedly Sarah Palin’s future son-in-law). Not only did he have to quit his north slope oil job¬†because he does not have a high school diploma, but his mother Sherry went to court on drug charges.

What’s sad about the latter is that she appeared alone to face her charges. No friends or family at her side to support her. In addition, nobody helped her find a lawyer. She asked for and received a public defender from the state. Sherry Johnston told the judge that she is in the middle of a divorce, and is living on medical disability payments and child support.

So, where are those small-town conservative values that Sarah Palin likes to talk about? Even ignoring things like illegal drugs, unwed teen pregnancy, high school dropouts, divorce, and “socialist” things like medical disability payments and child support, aren’t those good small town people supposed to lend a helping hand to each each other? I actually feel sorry for Sherry.


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