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Sarcasm on the Intertubes

First, the humor site 23/6 posted a sarcastic article called “Tips for Traveling Muslims” with hilarious tips like “Don’t speak freely. Of course you have the right to free speech, first amendment and all, but … shut it” and “Don’t pray. It’s hard to figure out which way Mecca is while in mid-air.”

Next, fake Sean Hannity fan site Fannity posts a sarcastic article “We Approve this Message” that says:

I don’t know who these people at 23/6 are, but they have put together an excellent list which  agrees with Fannity on the point that Muslims need to stop wearing headscarves.  Ideally, Muslims would stop traveling altogether but we’ll take what we can get.

Then, 23/6 posts an article making fun of Fannity for thinking that 23/6 was serious about the original article:

The folks at Fannity (fans of Hannity) liked Tips for Traveling Muslims… for all the wrong reasons.

Of course, oblivious 23/6 fans respond on the Fannity site making fun of Fannity for taking 23/6 seriously. Irony ensues.

Finally, Fannity decides to take it to the next level and responds to the 23/6 article that made fun of Fannity, saying:

You got me 23/, I totally didn’t get that its a joke. In return, I’ve acknowledged your trickery and I have added you to the list of “Hannity Haters” sites over at 

I just wanted to say again that at, we do not take the issues of Terrorism or Turbans lightly.

So, is this proof that liberals have no sense of humor?