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President Bush’s Legacy

The modestly named blogger Jon Swift has an article about the legacy of our under-appreciated almost-ex president, including a list of talking points of his greatest achievements:

  • After Hurricane Katrina President Bush kept our cities safe.
  • After the October 2008 stock market correction there have been no Great Depressions.
  • After Iraq and Afghanistan took a turn for the worse, President Bush kept us from losing any wars.
  • After the District Attorney firing scandal, the outing of Valerie Plame and other scandals, President Bush restored integrity to government.
  • After divisive elections President Bush united our country.
  • After Abu Ghraib, President Bush reaffirmed America’s adherence to the Geneva Conventions and against torture.
  • After 9/11 President Bush kept America safe from terrorist attacks on American soil.

Wait, isn’t that last one a real Bush talking point?


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