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Why Rush Limbaugh is a Dick

John Hummel’s blog gives an excellent argument as to why Rush Limbaugh is being a dick when he says he wants Obama to fail.  I’ll paraphrase his argument by giving a slightly different (and shorter) example:

Let’s say you’re someone who became addicted to smoking before the health problems were known, who develops lung cancer. At the hospital, the doctor carefully examines you and tells you that he has developed a new medicine that can save you. Suddenly, someone who is not a doctor “rushes” in and is all upset about this. His argument is that if this new medicine works, then people will think that it is OK to smoke. So he tells the doctor that he hopes his new treatment fails. He would rather that you die so that other people will be discouraged from smoking. How do you feel about this?

Although, if this analogy were complete, then the second person would also be arguing that we should eliminate all taxes on cigarettes and remove regulations that prevent minors from smoking, because taxes and regulations are bad, and people should just be personally responsible for their poor decisions.



  1. John Hummel wrote:

    Your comment is more succinct than mine ;).

    It’s hard not to prescribe negative intentions on behalf of people like Limbaugh, who go out of their way to be abrasive and annoying because it gets them better ratings. I’m not always sure if Mr. Limbaugh really believes what he says he believes because he’s a fiscal/culture conservative – or because that’s where his income lies.

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 12:59 pm | Permalink
  2. Eva wrote:

    Millions and millions of Americans are being brainwashed by Limbaugh. In the book on Karl Rove and the dream of Absolute power by James Moore and Wayne Slater, it was said that Rove paid Limbaugh to bash McCain in 2000. And paid Limbaugh to bash Kerry in 2004. Well, Rove doesn’t have that kind of funding. It has to come from soemwhere. Read about my distant cousin Richard Mellon Scaife. You may conclude as I did that as you said “Rush is a Dick”

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 6:06 am | Permalink