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GOP: 0, Hypocrisy: 4

Minority Leader John Boehner claims that “in a carefully calculated campaign, operatives and allies of the Obama administration are seeking to divert attention toward radio host Rush Limbaugh.” And Republican Senator and NRSC chairman John Cornyn called the statements against Limbaugh an “outrage” that “reeks of hypocrisy coming from a president who campaigned against these very cynical political tactics last fall.”

Of course, what they fail to mention is that it is Limbaugh who started the fight, saying repeatedly that he wants the president to fail. How hypocritical is it to attack Obama for standing up to bullies like Limbaugh? Obama never said that he would not answer attacks against him, but in the Republican fantasy world it is Obama who is being cynical.

Second, I haven’t seen very many Republicans disagreeing with Limbaugh’s attacks. At least, not without apologizing to Rush immediately afterward.

Third, just look at what the Republicans are calling outrageous attacks. Republicans are accusing Rahm Emanuel of attacking Limbaugh, but what he actually said is “I do think he’s an intellectual force, which is why the Republicans pay such attention to him.” and “I compliment him for his honesty.” Now that’s a vicious attack!

And last, but not least, how crazy is it that the Republicans are complaining about the Democrats directing attention to Rush Limbaugh? I mean, how dare they give free publicity to the voice of the Republican party! That would be like the Democrats complaining about Republicans directing attention to Michael Moore (and we know they would never do that!).